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23 Apr 2019
Long Bay Village Progress

Check out the drone footage showing construction progress of the Long Bay Village.

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The supermarket is on track and set to start trading end of May. 

Building A of the Long Bay Village Apartments is due to be completed end of May, and completion day for Building B is set for the end of June. 

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12 Apr 2019
Meet Long Bay Surf Club — the North Shore’s new neighbourhood spot

Nestled deep in the North Shore in the burgeoning Long Bay development, Long Bay Surf Club has locals buzzing with excitement and has quickly established itself as a neighbourhood hot-spot. Managed by Scott Ruddock, who previously presided over a number of highly acclaimed Auckland restaurants and bars (including The Grill and Headquarters), the skilled operator has gathered a powerful team to ensure service runs smoothly and seamlessly. It includes the former bartender from Dr Rudi’s and ex-managers from Soul Bar and Bistro and Oyster & Chop to cover the floor.

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From the moment you walk into the Long Bay Surf Club, you feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed in its warm ambience, created by the natural light that streams through the large windows. The contemporary, timber-laden interiors boast high ceilings and a large capacity of almost 300, which lends the eatery a sense of grandeur and makes it suitable for any kind of occasion.

Sitting somewhere between laid-back pub and elevated eatery, the vast and varied menu at Long Bay Surf Club offers something for everyone. From the classics such as burgers, buffalo wings and pizza to the lighter and healthier dishes such as poke bowls, this spot has you covered. Alongside the food, there are 12 beers on tap and a comprehensive list of refreshing cocktails. Long Bay Surf Club is apparently just the beginning of what’s ahead for this neighbourhood. Houses and apartments are in the process of being built, as well as a local supermarket, dumpling bar and other eateries. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Long Bay as it transforms into the North Shore’s newest hub. If this new opening is a taste of what’s to come, we can’t wait to see what’s next.


This article was reproduced from The Denizen, 12 April 2019

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28 Mar 2019
Welcome to the Village

We are excited to announce the opening of Long Bay Surf Club.

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Whether you're after a grazing platter to share with friends, an ice-cream sundae for the kids, or a midweek aperol spritz - Long Bay Surf Club has it all. 

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 11:30am until late.

For more information, head to the Long Bay Surf Club Facebook page

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28 Mar 2019
We are excited to announce the opening of Glenvar Ridge Road.

After the initial consultation phase commencing in October 2013, the new Glenvar Ridge Road is now open.

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Glenvar Ridge Road will provide a direct entry to the Long Bay Regional Park, as well as providing links to main arterial routes such as; East Coast Road and Oteha Valley Road. 

For more information, visit AT Transport 

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3 Sep 2018
Apartments: Who’s Buying Them and Why? Part 3 of 3. Investors

As more people snap up apartments, we look at the reasons why.

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In New Zealand main centres, apartment living is a fast-growing trend, particularly for baby boomers. The pull towards the convenient locations and urban, cosmopolitan lifestyle that apartment living offers are taking priority over home size, contributing to some of the factors
driving the shift.

The benefits are easily visible with security, shared facilities, sociability and ‘a less is more’ lifestyle.

Over the past decade, there’s been a significant rethink of cultural ideals as to what constitutes a Kiwi home. Driven by rising property prices and a changing employment landscape, the transition from house to apartment is one that’s gaining momentum.
It’s a mix of ‘downsizers’, first-home buyers, and investors that are leading the charge and inspiring other Kiwis to rethink their approach to home ownership. In this series, we profile three apartment buyer types.

Purchasing an apartment as an investment is a popular choice, driven in part by rising house prices, population growth and an increasing number of people seeking an urban lifestyle. Good quality rentals are in demand.

As with any property purchase, it’s important to do your homework. As an investor, is the apartment somewhere you may one day live or is it purely an investment? If you’re purchasing with a view for renting, then remaining as objective as possible is important. Your decisions should be driven by what a prospective tenant will be looking for.

Buying a new apartment, rather than an existing one, means you’ll be less likely to spend time maintaining the property. Additionally since 2005, the new building code means that apartments are more robust, with more space and better amenities.

Choosing to purchase your apartment off the plans means that if you get in early, you’ll be able to secure your preferred location and layout in the development.

Apartments on higher levels provide better views, whilst ground floor apartments often appeal to families with children or an older, less mobile demographic. These are all important factors in determining the rental income.

Avoid investing in an apartment building or development that has a high number of similar units. This could lead to an over-supply, which may affect the rental value of your property. By investing in a smaller development, you’re more likely to attract good tenants. If possible when purchasing, ask for a break-down of owner–occupiers and investors in the building. It’s best to purchase in a building where most apartments are occupied by owners.

New apartment developments in quality suburban locations are worthy of consideration, especially if there is nothing else comparable in the area.

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